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Niagara Fallsview Weddings - The Tower Hotel

Niagara Fallsview Weddings - The Tower Hotel

Same-sex Marriage

Niagara Fallsview Weddings consultants provide you with the assistance you need to ensure your day goes by perfectly. We provide all inclusive wedding packages featuring deluxe hotel accommodations, gourmet dining and limousine tours of Niagara.

Our wedding chapel is located atop the Tower Hotel, a breathtaking 525 feet above the Horseshoe and American Falls. Our officiants have performed several hundred ceremonies and understand the importance of customizing your vows to your particular needs.

We believe that all devoted couples, including gays and lesbians, deserve the rights and responsibilities associated with marriage.

Let Niagara Fallsview Weddings help you to make your dream a reality. For a wedding that is Intimate, Unique and Elegant call: 1-866-325-5784

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will our same-sex wedding ceremony mean that we are legally married?
Yes. The Ontario Court of Appeal issued a decision on June 10, 2003 that ruled that same-sex couples have the right to be legally married.

2. Will our marriage be recognized outside of Canada?
Depending on your local laws, yes and no. Yes, you will be assuming all the responsibilities and commitments of marriage. When you go home you will be married. However, it may take a few years for courts outside of Canada to agree on the "status" of gay couples that marry. Certain states or public agencies may resist recognition of Canadian same-sex marriages. Although couples who marry in Canada may not be automatically granted all the rights and benefits of marriage in their own country/state, they will be legally wed. In the meantime, married gay couples will have the unique opportunity to act as role models and pave the way for others to follow in their path.

3. Where else may same-sex couples legally marry?
The Netherlands and Belgium.

4. What is the marriage process for same-sex couples?
The process is exactly the same for both heterosexual or homosexual couples. Couples must first apply for a license with the city clerk. You must then have the marriage solemnized by an authorized officiant. The officiant then files paperwork with the Ontario Provincial Office of the Registrar General, and the married couple may apply to receive their official marriage certificate in about 12 weeks.

5. What do I call my significant other after we become married?
Some individuals prefer not to use the traditional "wife and husband" terminology. Alternatives include life partner or spouse. Some change the word according to the situation and to whom they are speaking with.